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About Janet 

Hello! I am an Aspen and NYC-based writer, editor, and entrepreneur who co-founded Aspen Magazine with my late husband Randy Beier in 1987. I  sold the publication the end of 2012. I had reached a point where I said to myself: “do I want to keep doing the same thing? There are so many other things on my plate that I want to do.”  Like travel, and to focus on my fascination with the intersection of technology, media, and culture.

My obsession and experience with travel is intricately linked with my Aspen experience. When you call Aspen home, you find yourself traveling even when you are at home, there are just so many adventures in our backyard. Over the years I also traveled a lot for the magazine, representing it at events and trunk shows with readers or clients. Aspenites are cosmopolitan and well traveled, and many of the places I wrote about came from personal recommendations from friends and readers. For my vacations during the off season, I was lucky to do several trips of a lifetime, from exploring the Amazon by boat to heli-skiing in Canada to climbing Kilimanjaro, and I wrote about them all for an engaged audience. But I was always dreaming about traveling more. 

Aspen will always be my home, but there are other places I love which also feel like second homes to me. One of them is New York City, where I’m excited to be spending more time.

During my Aspen tenure, I was a brand steward, and worked successfully in forming targeted partnerships with many luxury brands. I welcome inquires on partnerships. 

I look forward to traveling with you and sharing my discoveries along the way. 


 Janet, On "Her Aspen"

What’s your first memory of Aspen? 

I first visited in the summer, before I became a skier. Coming from sea level, the next day I went on my first back packing trip ever. Over four days, shouldering a 35 pound pack, I hiked to Cathedral Lake, over 13,580-foot Electric Pass, and down to the muscle-soothing relief of the Conundrum hot springs. The mountains were so dramatic, the trekking and altitude so challenging, and I fell in love with my companion, who later became my husband and business partner. The trip changed my life!

What’s your favorite part? 

I love the downtown. Despite all its changes—and there are many since I first visited in the 1970s, and moved here in 1987— the downtown, built originally on a mining town's grid, is small, walkable, charming

What’s your favorite shop? 

Aspen has all the big fashion brands, from Louis Vuitton to Prada. But I prefer the quirkier independent shops like Nuages; Performance Ski; Gorsuch; and Ute Mountaineer.

What’s your favorite restaurant?

It really depends on the mood I’m in. For more casual dining, I love Meat and Cheese’s farm to fork menu, and its downstairs Hooch for snacks and cocktails late night. Ajax Tavern for its burger and truffle fries, and its sister restaurant Element 47, for more refined dishes. Creperie du Village reminds me of old Aspen or being in the Alps; it’s an authentic gem with good food. Acquolina is underrated; it offers great pizza, pastas, and vegan soups. New on my List the sleek supper club 7908; Clark’s Aspen for oysters and a happy hour with great prices by Aspen standards. The Caribou Club is the best of luxury, and its food the best in town.

What do you love about Aspen?

The weather; watching the stars—the sky here is so inky black; the people, so quirky and eccentric; the skiing and cycling can't be beat. 

What’s your dream hotel?

Don’t hesitate for a minute if you get invited to stay at a friend’s manse on Red Mountain or Starwood, two of Aspen’s poshest addresses. If not, there’s no place I’d rather check in to and chill out at than The Little Nell. Especially in winter, as it’s Aspen’s only ski-in/ski-out property. I also love staying the Bauhaus-inspired Aspen Meadows, set in nature; five minutes from town, but it feels like its own world.

Who’s the best host in town?

Hands down the British born Richard Edwards, owner of Baldwin Gallery, the Caribou Club, and some of Aspen’s most historic and beautiful downtown real estate, including his penthouse in the Collins Block.  

What matters to you on what you decide to cover?

It’s not about the price tag, it’s about how the experience makes me feel.  

How often do you travel?

Whenever I can. But since I live in two places I love, I don’t feel compelled to be on the road, in the air, 365 days of the year. I care about the authenticity of my experiences, not tallying the number of countries I’ve been to. When I’m in Aspen, or when I’m traveling, I’m on a quest. A quest for the best. 


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